Our campaign

Our campaign

A better way to help people who are begging on the streets

We know that people give money to individuals begging on the streets because they want to be supportive

However it doesn’t help individuals get away from sleeping rough, or address the complicated range of issues they may be facing behind the scenes.

When you donate to the Hope for Change Campaign this money goes directly to the charities and organisations that provide frontline services for people facing homelessness and/or other issues that can lead to begging.

The money will be held by a steering group which is independent of the Council and other statutory bodies, and this independent group will make the decisions about where this is best spent to make a real difference.

We will use the money you donate to support individuals to make lasting positive changes to their way of life by providing a wide range of long term support for their individual needs and targeting the real reasons they are begging in our town centre.

Most people who are begging are not sleeping on the streets

As organisations providing services to homeless people in Bolton day in and day out, we are very aware of those who are begging and their individual circumstances. The majority of them have somewhere to live.

Although most of these people are not homeless or rough sleeping, many do have personal difficulties such as:

  • Addiction
  • Involvement in criminal activity
  • Mental health problems
  • Exposure to abuse and violence

Of course this isn't always the case, but as services we understand that the circumstances of people begging, whether they are homeless or not, are difficult.